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          Transaction Market and Information Service

          l   Northeast Ferrous Metal Transaction Market, a subordinate company of CCTM is the only professional ferrous metal market in northeast China, which supplies professional ferrous metals and non-ferrous metal transaction service to the customers. The market owns a complete information service as well as the function of loading and unloading, warehouse, distribution, escorting, cutting processing, sorting packaging and freight forwarding, actively exploring the financial logistic service such as financing and pledge supervision under the condition of integrated supply chain. 

          l   Invested by the Group, with the spirit of “sincere, practical, innovate and efficient”, Shanghai Chengtong Gangling Steel Market creates an modernized commercial steel market characterized by the enterprise cluster development of steel service industry, in which combining trade and logistics, spot and electronic transaction, upstream and downstream, domestic and oversea transaction, internal and external circulation.

          l   The Group located in the logistic park of south Beijing, the total area covers 440,000 square meters, with 60,000 square meters for goods yard and 56,000 square meters for factory and storehouse and 4 special use railway lines. The annual cargo handling capacity reaches 1,500,000 metric tons. A industrial cluster has been formed in the park, which focus on the trade, processing, producing, recycling, distributing, transferring and storage for metal materials circulation.

          l   CCTM has warehouses in Beijing, Guagnzhou, Xi’an and Shenyang, with the area of 1000 Mu, as well as 9 private railway lines.Through "China 1 metal" network and internal information systems of cooperation and linkage system, CCTM establishes an efficient and comprehensive operation platform of resource releasing, information exchange, online transactions and customer service, which providing timely and authoritative information and online trading services.
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