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          Metal Trade
          Precious Metal Industry
          Processing & Delivering
          International Trade & Bid
          Transaction Market
          Current Location: Business-> International Trade & Bid

          International Trade and Project Bidding

              Approved by state Foreign Economic Relation and Trade Ministry, CCTM owns self-management right and agent right to export and import all kinds of merchandise and technology. Based on both domestic and overseas market,CCTM is actively developing two resources with abundant resources and marketing channels accumulated for years, and extensively operates import and export business in the fields of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, precious metals and their minerals, renewable resources etc. with its trading partnership spreads over Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East,Africa and other regions in the world. 

             Project bidding is the advantage business of the CCTM, which provides metallic material and equipment supply for many national important projects, covering fields including energy, transportation, infrastructures, military and so on.
          Through years of professional operation and distribution service, the company has formed a professional engineering bidding team.CCTM has accumulated good reputation in the market and obtained the First-Grade Biding Center Qualification authorized by the Ministry of Railways.“Chengtong Metal” has set up a good brand image in the area of engineering bidding and material supply.

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