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          Metal Trade
          Precious Metal Industry
          Processing & Delivering
          International Trade & Bid
          Transaction Market
          Current Location: Business-> Precious Metal Industry

          Precious Metal Industry


              CCTM succeeds the states mandatory plan and foreign trade business of precious metal which exists in the period of planned economy.

              CCTM has the qualification of import and export for precious metal as well as wide precious metal purchasing and marketing channels both at home and abroad. The company imports original packaged rhodium powder, ruthenium powder, iridium powder and palladium sponge directly from foreign countries and maintains good cooperation relationship with silver suppliers and buyers at home and abroad. 

              The company is one of the major precious metal trading enterprise in the domestic market with its trade volume of silver maintains leading position in the industry and its operation of platinum, palladium, rhodium, and ruthenium have an important influence in the industry. 

              The company engaged in controlling the resources and smelt ability of the upstream, and actively extent to the products of the downstream, the recent annual amount of silver and it products will reach 800 to 1000 metric ton, to become the largest silver industrial chain in the domestic market.

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