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          Metal Trade
          Precious Metal Industry
          Processing & Delivering
          International Trade & Bid
          Transaction Market
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          Metal Trade

              CCTM owns the best self-contained metal distribution and serviece networks in China. 

              CCTM is engaged in trading ferrous and nonferrous metal, and also including metallurgical charging, coal, coke and other metal raw materials. The main sales variety of ferrous metal include steel plate, building material, profiled steel, pipe steel and other categories. Our integrated supply and services of copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, nickel and other nonferrous metals keep ahead in the industry.

              For years CCTM has been focus on the custom needs to innovate Service Concept and perfect Service Function constantly, providing integrated services and supplementary supply of various metal materials to the influential enterprises in the fields of automobile, shipbuilding, home appliance, metallurgy, equipment manufacturing, new energy industry, etc. 

              CCTM not only establishes strategic cooperative partnership and close relationship with major Steel production enterprises, ferrous metal and precious metal smelting enterprises, but also establishes very good cooperation relationship with foreign counterparts and some strength providers.

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