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          About Us
          About CCTM
          Management Team
          Enterprise Vision
          Development Strategy
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          Development Strategy

               Under the “Great Metal” Management Pattern, to ensure the core competitive advantages of resources and marketing channel, to actively promote the organic combination of trade, industry and capital in order to constantly enhance enterprise value, and to build a large enterprise group characterized by " professionalization, top-quality, integration and informationization". 

          based on providing metal raw material and product integrated service professionally, to unify service process, service standard and construct professional team which keeps ahead in the industry.

           according to states industrial policy,CCTM aims at project bidding field and subdivision market of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and precious metals,and found "Chengtong Metal" brand by establishing outstanding status and effect in scale,reputation,mode, benefit and so on..

              Integration: through the organic integration of the business of ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, precious metal and renewable resources, to establish an integrated comprehensive operation pattern, which complement each other's advantages in major products, regional advantages and service functions. 

             Informationization: with modern advanced information technology and scientific management idea,CCTM builds core-business-supported information network platform, which sufficiently supports customer service and the extension of business, and makes the company realize the standardization of management, the coordination of operation, and the scientification of decision-making.

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