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          About Us
          About CCTM
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              China Chengtong Metal (Group) Corporation (CCTM) is a state owned enterprise subordinate to China Chengtong Group, which supplies metal material and integrated products service.China Chengtong Holdings Group Ltd. (CCT Group)subjects to the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (the “SASAC”) of the State Council.


              CCTM is engaged in trading, processing and distributing of ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and precious metals, including metal spot transaction service, import and export business, international engineering tender and information consultation. 

              With its headquarters as the center of operation, CCTM has its marketing service network covers the major markets of China, and posses the advantage of integrated supply chains and integrated services of varied “big metals” , such as ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and precious metals. CCTM keeps ahead in silver trade in China and has a major impact in the industry of platinum, ruthenium, rhodium and palladium, with a 30% average annual growth rate of rapid development in recent years. Guided by the market demand, CCTM focuses on serving the important customers, key industries and regional economy, and continuously improving the service capability integrated with trading, processing, delivery, financing and information service.


               The company was integrated by former China Ferrous Metal Material Company, China non-ferrous Metal Material Company, China Machinery Industry Supply Company and China Construction Material Company in 2000. After almost 10 years of reforming and development, CCTM has become a completely market-oriented state-owned corporation group. CCTM’s mission is to establish the best service industrial chain for the constructional metal materials and products, trying to become the best equipped and the largest provider of metal materials and integrated service and making contributions to the development of China metal distribution industry.Through the implementation of comprehensive advantages strategies of ferrous metals, nonferrous metals and the industry leading strategies of precious metals, CCTM establishes a service industrial chain which including mineral development, smelting, processing, product marketing on the dominant species,and becomes the best self-contained and the largest provider of metal materials and integrated service and making contributions to the development of China metal circulation industry.


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